About Us

About Us

Ron Rosenthal

Project Manager, Real estate agent and consultant in Berlin and Germany

Ilan Fishman

Real estate agent and consultant in Berlin and Germany.

Why do it Tandem?

Ron & Ilan bring a modern approach to an outdated and traditional real estate market with a young, fresh atmosphere. Tandem’s focus is on your experience, offering guidance with a personal touch and tailoring our service to best suit your needs.

We place the highest value on getting to know you personally, caring for your needs to deliver on your vision. With honest communication, Tandem makes the real estate experience as simple and enjoyable as possible without compromising on professionalism.

We aim to create a familiar environment for those who don’t feel at home. Always working with your highest intentions in mind throughout. We believe that the journey should be exciting and accessible. Your future living matters, and we want you to always feel at home.

This is not just an investment. This is where your future lies.

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